How much will fuel cost me?

We have several different payment options, including budget plans, and auto-pay. You may also be eligible for heating assistance. Call your local heating assistance group to see if you qualify:
South County Community Action 401-789-3016
East Bay Community Action, New Visions Newport 401-437-5102

How do I avoid running out of fuel?

Automatic delivery is the best way to avoid an empty tank. We also offer low temperature alarms called WESROCs. These alarms notify us immediately if the temperature in your home drops, your oil burner fails, or the level in your oil tank is too low.

Can I spread out my winter bill costs over the course of the year?

Yes. You can prepare for the unpredictable New England weather by signing up for our Equal Payment Plan. Using your typical oil consumption (approx. 800 gallons per year), we will spread your heating costs equally over 11 months. With this plan, you receive predictable payments.

What do I do if I need service?

We are here for you 24-7-365. Call 401-789-9711 to schedule service or report any urgent situations for emergency service.

How low should I leave my thermostat when I leave the house?

There should be no more than 10 degrees difference between daytime and nighttime settings to save on the cost of fuel. Any greater variance will actually cost you more in reheating. Call today to schedule your Programmable Thermostat installation!

Why do oil prices rise and fall?

Home heating oil, natural gas, propane and electricity are traded on the commodities market which has a similar pattern to the rise and fall of the stock market. The market reacts to a number of situations including supply and demand, supply interruptions or excess production. Over the last 10 years when adjusted for inflation, heating oil is actually cheaper than it was in 1973. Crude oil will continue to fluctuate and we’ll continue to be available for your heating and cooling needs 24 hours, 7 days a week.

What other services do you offer?

We have a technician on call 24-hours a day, and expert heating engineers to determine any heating or hot water equipment you may need. We also offer our Handyman Services! We help customers to complete odd jobs around the house. Call us to clean screens, lower mowers, fix drips, eliminate leaks and squeaks, and tackle small repairs around the house. If we can’t do the job ourselves, we will find someone who can.


Important Safety Tips

What safety tips do you have for my seasonal/unoccupied home?

No matter how you heat your home, maintaining your heat to a certain level is critical. Freeze-ups in an occupied/empty or unoccupied dwelling or home can cause expensive losses. Water from broken pipes can flood a house in a matter of hours causing structural damage to the house and loss of personal property. Remember that you have a responsibility to protect your home against damage arising from a drop in or loss of heat. This scenario can result in frozen pipes and water damage.
You should arrange for supervision of your home if you plan to be away from the premises for any length of time.

What are some hazards I should be aware of?

As our valued customer, we would like to make you aware of a potential problem that could occur with an unprotected fuel delivery line. These unprotected fuel delivery lines are made of copper and if in contact with concrete or below ground, may deteriorate, resulting in a line leak. In the event of such a leak, oil could be released, causing environmental damage that will require a costly cleanup.
To avoid this exposure, both financially and personally, we suggest that you have your fuel delivery lines inspected and replaced with a sleeved line if necessary. Contact us to assist you with this upgrade!